Franklinton gets clean for spring

Published 11:03 am Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring has arrived, and the town of Franklinton is in spruce-up mode.

Mayor Wayne Fleming said spring cleaning is under way throughout town. As part of the beautification effort, the town’s Maintenance Department has been out digging ditches, cleaning street corners, mowing grass and clearing weeds in various areas.

The effort has also been focused at City Hall, where trees were recently trimmed. Additionally, a handrail was installed Tuesday along the handicap-accessible ramp that leads into the administrative offices. Some elderly residents reported having a hard time getting up and down the ramp, and the handrail was put in at their request, Fleming said.

The large military monument and flagpole in the located center of town has gotten some attention, too, Fleming said. The smaller trees have been trimmed, and the LSU AgCeter will provide some guidance on getting the larger ones in shape, he said. The monument will be cleaned up and painted, and the flag will be replaced after this month.

“When they’re torn or worn, we take them down and replace them,” he said.

By tidying their own property, residents can get involved in the cleanup as well, Fleming said.