Help Krush Kancer: Come take part in a softball tournament fundraiser

Published 8:34 am Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Teams still have time to sign up for the Krush Kancer for Khloe Co-ed Softball Tournament, a fundraising effort to benefit 2-year-old Bush resident Khloe Anthony.

When Khloe, the daughter of Got Roots customer JoLea Anthony, 21, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the crew at the Bogalusa-area salon sprung into action, raising funds to help cover medical expenses. Khloe is also the daughter of Ian Jones.

Owner and stylist Angela Blackwell said she and fellow stylist Jessica Schilling have been selling raffle tickets since January and T-shirts since last month and have in the past two months used Facebook, local media and word of mouth to search for teams. Blackwell said flyers have also been distributed throughout the community, including places like churches and recreation parks.

Nearly a dozen softball teams have signed up so far, with some coming from Mississippi, Blackwell said.

The event will kick off at 9 a.m. at the Bogalusa Recreational Complex on Saturday, March 23.

Khloe was diagnosed in August and will go through chemo treatments for three years, Blackwell said.

“That’s why we wanted to raise money for her, because it’s going to be such a long process,” she said.

Khloe has been taking treatments at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans for six months. She was just able to resume treatment, after experiencing a few problems with low AMC, platelet and hemoglobin levels. With the current round, she will have treatments every 10 days, Blackwell said.

Blackwell said Khloe is like any other kid, and the only signal of her illness is her absence of hair.

“She’s playful and she’s so sweet,” she said. “She’s adapting to it really well.”

“They were proud of her last week because when she went to get her blood count taken, she didn’t move away when they tried to stick her in her little port. She just took it. She didn’t cry or anything. So they were so proud of her.”

It is also a common occurrence for Khloe to be covered in temporary tattoos or little stickers. She loves tattoos and receives some every time she goes to the doctor, Blackwell said.

The entry fee for teams is $150, and they must consist of six men and four women. Teams will be accepted through Wednesday. Those interested in signing up can contact Blackwell at 516-6107 or Douglas Schilling at 985-246-9577.

To raise additional funds and to help keep things fair at the co-ed tournament, anyone who wants to hit a homerun must “buy” that prior to the game, at a cost of $5 per homerun, Blackwell said.

Participants can also enter a homerun derby for $10. Men will hit from home plate and women from second base, Blackwell said.

A concession stand will be open during the tournament, selling chili on hot dogs, Frito pies and nachos. Baked goods will also be offered, and that’s one way community members can get involved, Blackwell said.

Anyone who would like to contribute baked goodies can drop them off at the ballpark on Saturday morning or at the salon, located on Louisiana Highway 60, by Friday. People can also make donations or purchase shirts or raffle tickets.

If Khloe is feeling well enough to attend, she will likely be the one drawing the names of the raffle winners. Otherwise, it will probably be a family member, Blackwell said.

“I think Angela is a wonderful person for doing this for her,” Khloe’s mother said. “I hope God continues to bless her.”