Bogalusa makes it easy for residents to help Keep Washington Parish Beautiful

Published 12:52 am Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bogalusa’s participation in the parishwide effort known as Keep Washington Parish Beautiful includes a cleanup push this month.

To help residents take part the project, four big dumpsters have been positioned in different locations throughout town, and people are urged to fill them up before the end of March when they’ll be taken to the landfill and dumped.

“We encourage everybody in the city to pick up trash around your house,” said Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture Landon Tims.

City leaders also ask residents to help their elderly neighbors clean their properties and to haul off the trash to the dumpsters for disposal.

“Go to your neighbors and give them a hand,” said Mayor Charles Mizell. “We’re working hard. We’re giving it the best we’ve got, and we’re not quitting. But everybody’s got to take responsibility if they want a better Bogalusa.”

And anybody who sees refuse on the streets is urged to do what Director of the Museums of Cassidy Park Lorraine Bourn has dubbed the “Bogalusa Bend,” and to bend over, pick it up and dispose of it properly.

City Project Manager Melvin Keith recently announced the initiation of a concentrated effort in conjunction with members of the City Council to “really clean up” in the different districts. He said if residents pick up trash around their properties daily, the work is minimal.

“If you are concerned about your area, just take a few minutes every day to keep our city clean,” he said.

The dumpsters are located at the Avenue B Sports Complex, Bogalusa High School parking lot, the former Farmers’ Market site at East 5th and Columbia streets, and across from Travis’ Grocery on Derbigney Street.

Tims encourages everyone to help “make our city shine” and to “keep it clean.”