Father arrested for illegally selling truck

Published 7:54 am Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Bogalusa man was arrested last week for allegedly selling his son’s truck while the son was in jail.

Billy Morris’s stepfather made the complaint on Dec. 18, according to Bogalusa Police Chief Joe Culpepper. Morris was in jail at the time on three attachments for failure to appear in court. Culpepper could what not say for what charges.

William Todd Morris, 46, was ultimately arrested on multiple charges.

“We got a complaint that while his kid was in jail, he had parked his truck somewhere, and his daddy sold it,” Culpepper said.

The truck had not been reported as stolen, and Morris got $524 for the 1995 GMC pickup truck, he said.

Officers obtained a warrant, and while they were responding to a disturbance call at Whitney Bank on Austin Street on Jan. 9, they “came into contact” with the wanted man and made the arrest.

Morris was found to be in possession of Oxycodone, a schedule II drug, and a crack cocaine pipe at the time, Culpepper said.

He was charged with theft of a motor vehicle and theft by fraud for selling a vehicle that did not belong to him, possession of schedule II drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.