MCAA XXXIII King and Queen announced

Published 10:59 pm Saturday, December 1, 2012

Claude Bloom and Beth Breland were announced as MCCA king and queen during an emotion-filled ceremony at the American Legion Home on Saturday night.

The announcement of the MCCA royalty is one of the best-kept secrets in Washington Parish and Saturday night was no different. As the royalty announcement commenced, Santa Claus rode in on a sleigh being pulled by MCCA dukes. During a brief exchange with MCCA Captain Don Spears, Santa said he would be king and Spears agreed, whereupon Bloom pulled off his beard and revealed himself.

Bloom feigned a search for his queen in the crowd but then returned to the sleigh where Breland had been hiding in a box wrapped as a Christmas present on the sleigh.

The night was emotional for Breland and Bloom. Breland was diagnosed with cancer this past May and has been receiving treatments since then.

She thought at point she might have to bow out of the queen’s role but said her husband, Mike Breland, and her doctor encouraged her to fulfill her royal duties.

Bloom is still mourning the loss of close friend Joe Fannin, a former publisher of the Daily News who recently passed away. Bloom said the Santa suit he wore Saturday belonged to Fannin

“(Fannin) was definitely here with us tonight,” Bloom said, a bit teary-eyed. “I was wearing his Santa suit.

“He is missed.”

For the complete story and additional stories from the MCCA announcement ceremony pleased read The Daily News on Wednesday.