Fore provides Parkway Pipeline update

Published 7:19 pm Saturday, December 1, 2012

Residents may have seen some signs of work on the construction of the Parkway Pipeline project, with the right of way now being cleared in Washington Parish, and work in the area is expected to be in full gear in a matter of months.

Kinder Morgan Energy Partners and Valero, which partnered to form the company Parkway Pipeline, are currently constructing a 16-inch underground pipeline that will transport refined liquid petroleum products that including gasoline and diesel fuel from refineries located in Norco to facilities in Collins, Miss. Construction of the 141-mile pipeline began this summer.

The line is now being laid under Lake Pontchartrain, with that phase of the project expected to wrap up in November, said Allen Fore, director of public affairs for Kinder Morgan.

Initial construction activity has begun in the upland area that includes Washington Parish, Fore said. At this point that primarily means clearing and grading the right of way. More significant construction activity, including everything from digging the trench and laying the pipe through restoring the area, should begin early next year.

Parish residents will likely see equipment in the right of way and some construction activity in the area, Fore said.

“But most of the time we stick to the right of way and move down the right of ways, so you’re not going to see a lot of vehicular traffic or construction equipment on the roadways,” he said.

In the time leading up to construction, surveying and landowner consultations were completed, Fore said.

Fore said Parkway Pipeline has been working with the parish to secure the permits necessary for things like crossing roads. He also made a presentation about the $220 million project to the Parish Council in May.

A temporary benefit to the community from the project will be having an increase in construction workers visiting the parish and patronizing its businesses, Fore said.

“We expect probably 1,000 construction workers to be working on this pipeline once we’re in full construction mode,” he said. “And they all have to stay somewhere. They all have to eat somewhere, and they’re going to be spending their money in the area for up to a yearlong period.

“That’s often a big boost to local economies.”

A long-term benefit is that the parish should see close to $1 million in new property tax revenue because of the project, he said.

The project is running on schedule, and the pipeline is expected to be in service by September 2013, Fore said. At that time, product will be flowing in the pipeline, but additional right of way restoration and cleanup may still need to be completed, he said. The initial capacity of the pipeline will be about 100,000 barrels a day, with potential for up to 200,000 barrels daily. The pipeline will be operated by Kinder Morgan.

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