Christmas in the Park

Published 7:46 am Sunday, November 25, 2012

As Thanksgiving drew to a close, the people of Bogalusa turned their family-filled attentions to Christmas, and there was plenty for the generations to share to ring in the next holiday season.

The first of what will be an annual Jingle Run/ Walk at Cassidy Park attracted dozens of participants, including men, women, boys and girls, and as she urged people onward, one of the organizers, Barbara Holloway, said she’s planning lots more events to help get Bogalusans in shape.

As the jingle bunch finished its final circuit through the grand space that had just been illuminated for Christmas in the Park, the Parade of Lights arrived and took its turn, adding a passing glow of colored lights to the already dazzling landscape.

Children ran and giggled in the cool night, with the reflections of those colored lights on their wonder-stricken faces, and soon a giant Yule log was blazing.

Then the parade was through, and those who wanted to stroll through the acres of displays while Christmas carols filled the night air got their turn. Parents and grandparents carried wide-eyed babies. Senior citizens stretched their legs and remembered Christmases of long ago.

As has become tradition, the community gathered to share hot chocolate, one another’s company and the end of a day of giving thanks that marks the beginning of a season that, for many, is even far more grand.