Up for vote Nov. 6: school board term limits

Published 8:58 am Friday, November 2, 2012

BY Lucy Parker

and Jan Gibson

The Daily News

A proposal that would limit the terms of office for school board members for the Bogalusa City School System and the Washington Parish School System to three consecutive four-years terms is among the items on the Nov. 6 ballot. It reads: “Shall the number of terms of office that any member of the school board may serve be limited to three consecutive four-year terms?”

As it is a local option matter, voters in the two school systems will make the decision about their own school district.

The proposal is on the statewide ballot but will only go into effect in the parishes where the “for” vote is the majority. Jefferson and Lafayette parishes already have term limits for school board members, and other systems, including the Recovery School District and the governing authority of the charter schools, are exempt from the amendment.

If approved, the change would take effect beginning with the elections after Jan. 1, 2014.

Members of the Washington Parish School Board, by district and the date they took office, are: Dan Slocum, District 1, Jan. 1, 2003; John Wyble, District 2, Jan. 1, 2011; Rev. Bruce L. Brown Sr., District 3, Jan. 1, 1995; John Breland, District 4, Nov. 1, 2008 (includes a partial term finished for Linda Thomas); Mary Adams, District 5, Jan. 1, 2007; Dewitt Perry, District 6, Jan. 1, 2007; Alan McCain, District 7, Jan. 1, 2007; Matthew Tate, District 8, Jan. 1, 2003; and Lesley McKinley, District 9, Jan. 1, 2011.

Following are the Bogalusa City School Board members, along with their districts and the number of four-year terms they will have served as of Dec. 31, 2014.

— District 1 – Paul Kates, District 1, three terms; Eleanor Duke, District 2, three terms; Rev. Raymond Mims, District 3, five terms; Adam Kemp, District 4, two terms; Curtis Creel, District 5, one term; Calvin Hymel, District 6, one term; and Dr. Brad Williams, District 7, two terms.