Qualifying ends in Washington Parish | Nov. 6 ballot will include mayor, police chief and aldermen races

Published 8:31 am Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Nov. 6 ballot for Washington Parish is now set, as the qualification period for candidates ended Friday at 5 p.m., and the incumbent mayors in Franklinton, Angie and Varnado are all running unopposed.

In addition to the mayoral race and the national and state contests, Angie and Varnado residents will vote for a chief of police and voters in Franklinton, Angie and Varnado will choose members of their respective board of aldermen.

Franklinton Mayor Wayne Fleming, a Democrat; Angie Mayor, John Dawsey, who has no party affiliation; and Varnado Mayor Paris C. Sumrall, no party affiliation, each qualified for the mayoral race in his or her municipality.

Angie’s chief of police race also has only one candidate, incumbent Gilbert Hartzog Jr., no party affiliation.

Over in Varnado, the chief of police race had two qualifiers: incumbent Louis Adams, no party affiliation, and Carl Fornea Jr., a Democrat.

The Franklinton Board of Aldermen race has eight candidates, with five seats available: Wayne Bryant, no party affiliation; incumbent T.J. Butler Jr., a Democrat; incumbent John L. Daniel, a Democrat; incumbent Richard D. Dillon, a Democrat; Jeremy Gueldner, a Democrat; incumbent Florence R. Manning, a Democrat; incumbent Brad Orman, a Democrat; and Heath W. Spears, a Republican.

With three seats available, there are four qualifiers for the Angie Board of Aldermen race: incumbent Gilbert Ball, a Republican; incumbent Roxie Fornea, a Republican; James L. Holmes, a Republican; and incumbent Bryan Stogner, a Democrat.

The Varnado Board of Aldermen race has four candidates, with three seats to be filled: incumbent Jimmy Ezell, no party affiliation; Kimberly “Suzi” Kennedy, a Republican; Casey “Redd” Morris, a Republican; and Joe T. Nichols, no party affiliation.