Now is the time to be a part of The Daily News fair publication

Published 8:36 am Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Daily News is preparing to put together its award-winning special section on the Washington Parish Fair, and everyone with a great story or fine old picture of the fair is invited to be a part of this year’s edition.

As a new feature, we’d love to share pictures of people in different generations of the same families at similar ages and in similar poses at the fair. Maybe Grandpa, Mama and baby were all photographed as young children happily petting a rabbit or chick, eagerly feasting on some of the scrumptious fair food or playing in Mile Branch Settlement. If so, send us the pictures, even if there are just a couple of generations!

The fair has been providing good family fun and showcasing the talent and hard work of the men, women and children of the parish for a century. There are surely some long-forgotten pictures and mementoes tucked away in scrapbooks, drawers and boxes that could be located, pulled out and dusted off. There must be some good stories that have not yet been shared with readers of The Daily News and that should be documented before they slip into oblivion.

Little snippets, sentences and briefs are fine. The history should be preserved in honor of all who have worked to produce and sustain the fair over the century, all who have contributed the products of their own labor and all who have simply enhanced the annual event by sharing joyously in its celebration.

Besides offering maps, schedules and some participant guidelines, The Daily News wants to enhance its annual “fair tab” by including as many such personal touches as possible.

We need to start now. Everyone is urged to send in pictures and stories immediately to ensure inclusion. Emails are preferred, due to the large volume, but stories can also be faxed to 732-4006 or mailed. Original pictures may also be brought by the office, at 525 Avenue V in Bogalusa, where they can be scanned and returned.

The email address is marcelleh@ For additional information, call The Daily News at 732-2565.