Bogalusa woman shoots, kills intruder

Published 5:54 am Friday, August 10, 2012

The Bogalusa Police Department got a call just before 4:30 a.m. Thursday from a woman in the Sullivan Drive area who said a man had been trying to break into her house demanding money that she “owed him,” and that she’d shot him on her doorstep.

According to Chief Joe Culpepper, David W. Williams, 78, of Piedmont, Mo. was pronounced dead due to his injuries at LSU Bogalusa Medical Center.

“He showed up and tried to bust in the lady’s back door,” Culpepper said. “When he was unsuccessful, he went to the front door where he got into an altercation with the lady who lived at the house.

“He pulled a gun and demanded money, but she was able to get the gun away from him. He then armed himself with a stick or a board from the yard and went back at her. She shot him with his own gun.”

Culpepper said the BPD contacted Williams’ family and was told that the man had been showing signs of “some kind of dementia,” and that he’d told them he was going to Bogalusa to visit someone that he knew.

“He ended up at the wrong house,” Culpepper said. “The woman had no idea who he was. She had two children and, I believe, her mother in there. She was defending them and herself.

No charges were filed.

“It was classified as a justifiable homicide, and, like always, forwarded to the District Attorney’s office,” Culpepper said.