Enon library gets bigger home

Published 10:41 am Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The new building for the Enon Branch Library is in place and the expanded facility should be opening soon.

Al Baron, director of the Washington Parish Library System, said the new, 960-square foot building has been placed on a site near the old library, which was a much smaller facility, and bids are being put our for electricians and plumbers to complete the final installation.

“We have enough furniture and shelving on hand to cover most of our needs,” Baron said. “The hard part is already done. From here, it’s just contracting and wait and see and getting things finished. It won’t take too long to get together.”

He said the building will also include a porch with a ramp coming across the front. The library is designed with the shelving lining the walls, leaving an open floor plan.

Leo Lucchesi, Washington Parish Public Works director, said the support blocks for the building are set atop 12 to 15 inches of clay and topped off with gravel and stone to provide a solid foundation.

In other library developments, Lucchesi said work will begin Aug. 20 to replace the roof at the Bogalusa Branch Library. A year ago the air conditioning was moved atop the roof, but Lucchesi said the contractor will be sealing around the unit so as not to create any leaks.

Completion is estimated at three to four weeks, Lucchesi said.