Death sentence appropriate for Colorado killer

Published 8:56 am Sunday, July 29, 2012

The incredulous process of American justice is now being rolled out one more time.

The animal, James Holmes, murdered 12 people and shot another 60 or so in a crowded movie house a little more than a week ago in Aurora, Colo. He had a little arsenal of arms and thousands of rounds of ammunition to carry out his dastardly murderous assault on innocent Americans who were just attending a midnight movie.

He wired his apartment as a live-bomb booby trap for anyone who dared go inside. His planning was thorough and meticulous. He meant to kill. He wore a gas mask and protective garb. He parked his car behind the theater. He went into the theater and went out a rear exit door, apparently to put on his protective garb and grab guns. He went back into the theater and started killing anybody who he saw moving.

After all the blood, screaming, tears, horror… we are now going to go through the horribly expensive and stupid charade of trying to decide what to do with this guy.

Pardon me if I sound insensitive for the animal: Sentence him to death tomorrow at the latest and rid the Earth of his being.

Frankly, I don’t care if he is insane. I don’t care if he is incapable of representing himself. I don’t care if he had a bad youth. I don’t care if he was having trouble with his academic life at the university. I don’t care about any excuse this animal or his lawyers try to throw out there to excuse what he did.

We have seen this kind of legal mumbo-jumbo foisted upon our country far too many times. We have seen obvious murderers get the luxury of medical treatment for years on end with expert shrinks telling us all that they were not really responsible for what they did because they were mentally imbalanced.

Our system of justice is the best in the world. We are innocent until proved guilty.

James Holmes is guilty, period. He murdered those people. He planned what he did for more than four months. He bought all his firepower and ammo with the intent to kill people, as many as he could.

His plan succeeded.

His plan for murder was senseless.

What I hate to see is the legal highway we are now on. It will be months and months before this whole thing comes to an end. There should be a quick exit from that ridiculous highway of American justice. This is the obvious time to get this guy executed. No life sentence without parole. No plea bargains. No mental illness.

No excuse.

This guy is guilty of multiple murders and intent to kill.

Reciprocate. An eye for an eye.

Lou Major Sr. was publisher of The Daily News for 34 years (1963-1997) and retired as CEO of Wick Communications.