Honoring the professor of parish politics

Published 9:17 pm Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It brings me much pleasure to know such an outstanding man, who was a humble servant to the residents of Washington Parish residents for a long time, and he is former Clerk of Court Johnny D. Crain Sr.

Mr. Crain has served our parish in politics and other areas for more than three decades.

And he is committed himself to doing what is best for the people he has helped.

I had the great privilege to meet Mr. Crain about 10 years ago when he was serving on the Bogalusa housing authority board of commissioners.

He showed me first hand the kind of person he is: Someone who doesn’t mind going out of his comfort zone to help someone who needs his help. He truly is a blessing to many.

I often have spoken to Mr. Crain and from talking to him he realize that he understands if it wasn’t for God setting him in the right position with the right people, he wouldn’t be who he has grown to be.

Mr. Crain believes that a leader is only as good as the people they have been chosen to serve and Washington Parish is full of good people. He’s an example of humility and dignity.

Anyone who is aware of the attributes of Mr. Crain realizes that recognition, power, money and fame isn’t his agenda but honoring people through humble service is. This is what he’s about and he is a very good example to follow.

He is showing the compassion into action type attitude, and he really loves the people of our parish.

If someone needs his help, he’s going to do everything that’s within his power to help them, and if he cant help you directly he will refer you to the person who can.

When I became aware of his retirement, I was saddened by his decision, but I know he has not retired from his willingness to help people through their problems.

During the parish wide election, it was great to know that his son would carry on the torch of his father: serving Washington Parish from a heart of love. This is what God is well pleased at seeing.

I know the “Professor” will remain active in his effort to help people from all races, social status and political backgrounds because this is the type of godly servant he has revealed himself to be. God bless the professor of parish politics and may he continue to enable you to be a blessing to Washington Parish.

I encourage you to keep making a positive difference in our lives.