Bogalusa City codes now online

Published 1:59 am Sunday, July 1, 2012

Since he was sworn into office in December 2010, Bogalusa Mayor Charles Mizell has been cracking down on violators of one city code after another, and he vows to continue strict enforcement.

He’s tackled the problem of vehicles parked in the public rights-of-way, abandoned vehicles in people’s yards, trash wherever it may be found and unkempt properties. During a City Council meeting this May, he expressed his appreciation to all local residents and business owners who are complying with the rules and he warned everyone that a second code enforcement officer is about to join the city payroll.

Now, to help out everybody who has no idea what the codes might require, the Code of Ordinances, as well as the city charter, can be found online by clicking on the link at the city’s website,