Mayor’s Youth Corps Summer Jobs Program

Published 12:05 pm Monday, June 26, 2023

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Mayor Tyrin Truong’s Youth Corps Summer Jobs Program has launched with a vision to provide meaningful opportunities for the city’s youth while simultaneously enhancing the beauty of Bogalusa. Over the next four weeks, over 60 participants will engage in various cleanup and beautification efforts across the city.

The program, which results from a valuable partnership between Mayor Truong’s office and Bogalusa City Schools, aims to expand opportunities for the youth by providing them with work experience and the chance to earn money. Participants will receive $9 per hour for their dedicated efforts.

The tasks assigned to the youth include cleaning up parks, painting park fences, creating murals, picking up litter, and undertaking general beautification projects. These initiatives will improve the city’s aesthetics and instill a sense of pride and ownership among the younger generation.

In addition to the summer jobs program, Mayor Truong’s office has plans to open a Teen Lounge, providing a dedicated space for teenagers to socialize and engage in recreational activities. The current summer program will conclude as the new school year begins, but Mayor Truong intends to make it an annual initiative, ensuring a continued positive impact on the community.

Truong said, “We know that youth gun violence is a problem in Bogalusa, so we hope this will keep kids off the streets while also giving them some money in their pockets.”

The program’s benefits extend beyond the participants themselves. Providing job opportunities for the youth contributes to the local economy and fosters a sense of community engagement. Furthermore, Mayor Truong’s office intends to offer a fall internship program specifically for those who excel during the summer program, creating a pathway for ongoing skill development and personal growth.

While registration for the summer program is closed, parents and youths are encouraged to stay updated through the city’s official Facebook page and attend city council meetings for future announcements or opportunities.