Bush, Louisiana Juvenile Sentenced in St. Tammany Parish on Multiple Charges Stemming from an Attempted Murder of a Police Officer

Published 5:30 am Wednesday, April 19, 2023

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District Attorney Warren Montgomery reports that on Monday, April 17, 2023, the unnamed juvenile, age 14 of Bush, Louisiana, was sentenced to juvenile detention until his 18th birthday in January 2027 by District Judge Scott Gardner. He has been in Florida Parishes Detention Center since the crime occurred in May of 2022. On February 6, 2023 he admitted to the charges of attempted first degree murder of a peace officer, resisting a police officer with force or violence, simple burglary involving a firearm, resisting an officer and illegal possession of a handgun by a juvenile.

Prior to sentencing, the wife of Deputy Kenneth Doby, the officer shot, read to the Court her impact statement. She looked at the defendant and said “You have caused so much pain to my family… My children will never forget the trauma they were put through…at the ages of 6 and 4 years old. My husband always says, ‘it is part of the job. I put this uniform on and walk out that door knowing I may not come home to you all, but I know I am doing a good thing.’ The job he has is a calling… He was trying to protect you, but instead  you hurt him, you hurt us!”

Deputy Doby had responded to a burglary call on Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at the Backroads Mercantile located on Hwy 21 in Bush. While searching the area, he spotted a male walking along the street, wearing a dark colored hoodie and a gray backpack. He approached him for questioning and was immediately shot.

Although injured “through and through,” Deputy Doby was able to restrain the defendant and call for backup. Doby had on his bullet proof vest but the shot was below the vest. Backup arrived and Doby was taken to the hospital to be treated for the gunshot wound.

On the scene, detectives reviewed the body cam worn by Doby. The footage showed Doby approach the defendant. The defendant had his right hand concealed in his hoodie pocket and was backing away from Doby. When Doby made physical contact in order to restrain him, Doby was shot in the back.

During his jail interview, the defendant admitted to throwing a rock at and kicking in the front glass window of the business. He admitted to stealing tobacco products. He admitted to the shooting and said that he tried to pull the trigger a second time but the weapon “jammed.” When asked why he shot the deputy, he replied, “why not?”

Deputy Doby has had to undergo multiple surgeries but today is back on the job.

Assistant District Attorney Fred Treschwig prosecuted the case.

District Attorney Warren Montgomery states, “Deputy Doby is a hero. We applaud him and his family for their bravery, strength and endurance during this ordeal.”