Getting to Know

Published 2:16 pm Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Bogalusa High School’s Tyrese Roussell

Bogalusa’s Tyrese Roussell is a three-sport athlete. The senior competes in football, baseball and track-and-field.
In football, Roussell plays safety, wide receiver and running back. In track, he is in the 4×100 and 4×200 meter relays along with the 100 meters. On the diamond, Roussell plays centerfield.
Roussell has been a first-team all-district centerfielder and team MVP for baseball. He has also been a first-team wide receiver and defensive back. In track, Roussell has made it as far as regionals.
“Tyrese is definitely the leader on our team,” Bogalusa football coach Adam Brumfield said. “He was a leader last year as a junior and has even gotten better with a leadership role as a senior. Kids look up to him. He’s somewhat of a coach on the field. He keeps our tempo where it needs to be and brings a lot of positivity to practice and pushes people to do their best.”
Brumfield, who got to Bogalusa last summer, said that Roussell has had some unfortunate injuries since he took the job.
“Last year, he had an infection in his thumb and a bad ankle and the thumb actually cost him the last two games in district,” Brumfield said. “We opened up district with two wins and we lost two close games — one in overtime to Sumner and then one by a touchdown to an undefeated Hannan — and I really feel like if we had him on the field, he would’ve been a difference maker for us and gave us a better shot to win those games. Then at the beginning of the summer, he’s coming in, he’s here everyday, he’s leading our team in workouts and out on the field, and then the second pass scale at Fontainebleau, he breaks his leg. You talk about some bad luck, you overcome one injury and the next thing you know, here’s another injury.”

What do you enjoy most about playing your sports?
I like playing football because if somebody makes me mad, instead of me reacting to them, I go on the field and take it out on them because you’ve got pads on and it’s just fun and I really like a lot of contact. I like to play baseball because it’s fun and it gives you many opportunities. It really helps you stay in shape. And track, you just go travel the world, you can see a lot of different people.

What do you like best about being a student athlete?
People really depend on you more and you set goals that you can accomplish. It’s a lot of little kids that look up to you, so you’ve gotta be a good role model to them, not just on campus, but off campus too in the community.

Who has been the most influential person in your school sports career? Why?
My uncle Tony (Dillon) because through it all, he’s always riding me. He always pushes me to be better. He’s on me everyday sunup to sundown.

Who is your favorite athlete? Why?
Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton because he’s been through a lot and he really amazes me. He does a lot of amazing stuff.

Favorite team?
Pittsburgh Steelers.

Best thing about living in Washington Parish?
It’s a lot of nice people here. It’s a little boring sometimes, but that’s what makes you just want to wake up and just get better at what you do everyday.