Calpine makes first payment to parish

Published 4:25 am Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Washington Parish Energy Center One, LLC (WPEC) and Calpine Corporation, owners of a power station on property located at 18400 Bennett Road in ward 4 of Washington Parish, recently entered into a proposal with Entergy Louisiana, LLC for the demolition of the existing power plant, transfer of property and construction of a new natural-gas fired power plant.

The power plant originally constructed by WPEC/Calpine was never placed into commercial operation, due to economic conditions, and is now obsolete. Acknowledging that the new project may qualify for ad valorem tax exemption, WPEC/Calpine — desiring to mitigate the financial impact an Industrial Tax Exemption would have on Washington Parish — has agreed to pay the sum of $250,000 each calendar year during construction and $1 million when the project is complete and the property is transferred to Entergy Louisiana.

These funds will be distributed annually to each taxing agency with millages levied within the assessed area WPEC is located, based on their millage and taxable assessed property values.

“With transparency being a priority in my administration at Washington Parish Government, I feel it is necessary to keep the public informed of the agreement between Calpine and the agencies involved,” Parish President Richard “Ned” Thomas Jr. said.