Simply trusting

Published 4:10 am Wednesday, March 6, 2019

This early morning greets me with a definite chill in the air. While I enjoy sitting by a toasty fire my hubby, Mike, is often too warm to truly enjoy it. Although we may be in the same room and even on the same sofa the way we perceive the temperature is totally different.

A perfect weather day for me varies because I do like a little change. I enjoy a rainy, even stormy day, but if it rains several days in a row I begin to crave sunshine. Now that March has arrived my chimes blow almost continually, and I never tire of their beautiful sound.

I contemplate the upcoming weeks and think of the changes in my family. It’s so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that my eldest grandson will be graduating high school soon. He excitedly plans for a career in the military, and has worked so hard to gain acceptance into the program of his choice.

That little guy that wanted to stay inside and watch TV not so long ago has beat the odds by his hard work and determination. Soon he will be off to begin a new season in his life with a new set of opportunities and challenges. After his official swearing in and boot camp he will spend the better part of a year in training. By this time next year Aidan will be certified to jump and dive.

Not so long ago I was cheering from the bleachers as he played football, all the while praying for his safety. I wanted him to get to play, but felt much more comfortable when he sat on the bench.

Those other players are monsters. Look at the size of them! They could crush my baby like a bug!

My thoughts at that time seem almost laughable with the new choices my grandson has made. Aidan has chosen a path that is not only physically and mentally challenging, but potentially dangerous, as well. It’s at times like these that my faith gets a work out.

Do I really trust my grandson’s future to God?

The reality of life is that everything changes even when we don’t feel quite ready for the next big thing.

I know that my Heavenly Father cares about that sweet grandson of mine more than I ever could, and I trust Him; I choose to trust. The worries of this life would be too much without having faith in a God who sees and knows what all His children need.

I can embrace the new seasons and changes with faith and joy or give in to anxiety over the uncertainty of tomorrow. Would I feel more comfortable if Aidan sat this one out? I’m sure I would, but he is following his dreams and his heart. He has chosen this path, and I will love him, support him, and pray for him as he does.

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