My favorite things

Published 4:52 am Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but the thought of love and how we celebrate it remains. This day has become very commercialized, but I was still happy to have a beautiful bouquet of pink roses delivered to my home. In fact, I have been putting off the inevitable discarding of the blooms even though the lovely blush color has begun to lose some of its luster.

I noticed several Facebook posts with a little negativity about Valentine’s Day, and it made me wonder why anyone would be opposed to a day set aside to show a little extra love. I suppose the thought may be that a true show of affection doesn’t need a push in the right direction, but if a little push gets me roses then I’m all for it!

So many of the things I dearly love, though, have little if anything to do with the purchasing power of a dollar. I believe the old adage that the very best gifts are free is absolutely correct. And if you will indulge me for a moment I’ll share a few of my favorites.

The crisp, fresh scent of air after a cleansing rain. The fiercely wild yelping of coyotes after a kill. The purplish, pink hues of the evening sky as the sun slips out of sight. The majestic trumpet of wild geese following nature’s urgent call. The long sought after success of a friend. The irresistible smell of a baby’s skin. The barely perceptible look passed between lovers. My mother/grandmother heart bursting with joy at a special accomplishment of one of my precious ones. A call, a card, a touch. These things I love.

All these sights, smells, and sounds may appear to be simple delights, and simple they are. These are all experiences that money can’t buy. They may only be purchased by a quiet spirit acknowledging the gifts bestowed by the Creator Himself.

At times, I enter into the frenzy of life with gusto, and these wonderful treasures pass by without notice. In my case, of late, I’ve been forced to slow down. In doing so I’ve had a chance to refocus on the things in life that I cherish most. In these blissful moments when my soul is at rest the utter magnificence of creation causes my heart to quiver within me at the joy of simply being.

The aroma of the morning’s first cup of coffee. A heart that forgives. The tinkling of teacups and laughter. The youthful blush on a young girl’s cheeks. The light spray of water as a wave rolls in. The flight of an eagle. The sight of a young man giving his seat to an elderly one. Beauty that shines from within. Wildflowers blowing in the wind. The crackle of a warm fire on a chilly day. A freshly cleaned house. The smell and feel of fresh, clean sheets. A good book. A pleasant evening spent in the company of friends old and new, sharing a moment, a meal, and a memory or two. These things I love.

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