Bogalusa’s Harry headed to the next level

Published 4:06 pm Friday, February 15, 2019

Bogalusa senior Kelton Harry has signed a letter of intent to attend McPherson College in McPherson, Kansas and play football for the Bulldogs.
“I was going to sign with another school, but then they emailed me and told me about the school and told me what I could do there and I liked it,” Harry said.
This season, Harry was a first-team all-district 7-3A player.
The middle linebacker made 95 tackles, including 65 solo tackles and 10 for a loss. Harry posted two sacks, two passes defended, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery in the nine regular season games.
Harry led the team in total tackles, solo tackles and tackles for a loss.
Bogalusa defensive coordinator Randall Ginn praised Harry.
“My first year here last year as the D-line coach, he was the jack of all trades,” Ginn said. “He’d play some middle linebacker and he’d come down and play actually some defensive tackle for us when we went to a 4-3 look. That was my first year here. Now this year, he extensively played at the middle linebacker position. I believe, if I’m not mistaken, he averaged right at 10 tackles a game.
“He made all the calls, got everybody in the right place and still led the team in tackles. We didn’t get run on the middle until that playoff game (against Union Parish). We held up well against running teams such as Loranger and Jewel Sumner and things like that because of Keltron protecting our A gap, so he was real instrumental in my first year of trying to help call the defensive plays around here.”
Bogalusa coach Adam Brumfield, who was in his first year as the Lumberjacks’ head coach this season, also talked highly of Harry.
“He’s definitely the guy who was our brains of the defense. Coach (Randall) Ginn got the calls in, he pretty much lined everybody up and sent everybody where they needed to go,” Brumfield said. “He played with a lot of passion, so not only was he the brains of our defense, but he was a little bit of the heart of our defense and we’re going to miss him a lot.”
Brumfield said Harry is the kind of kid you wish you had a whole team of.
“He’s going to do things the way you ask him the first time,” Brumfield said. “You’re not going to have to repeat yourself. He’s passionate about what he does, he’s a hard worker and that’s the kind of kid you want on your defense. That’s the kind of kid you want on your football team and he’s definitely going to make them a better team.”
Harry plans on majoring in health science.
McPherson is a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, competing in the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference.