Girls wanna have fun

Published 4:06 am Saturday, February 2, 2019

“Mike, they keep asking for volunteers to help with Disciple Now. I guess they don’t have enough homes for all the kids they are expecting.”

“Exactly what is Disciple Now? I’ve heard Brother Austin talking about it, but I really don’t know what it’s all about?”

“It’s sort of like church youth camp, but they do it at our church instead of traveling to a camp. They need people to volunteer to keep some of the youth for a couple of nights. I’ve done it when my kids were younger; it’s really fun.”

After a little discussion, we decided to give it a go. We walked by Austin, and told him we would be glad to keep some kids. When Austin said that we would have the ninth-grade girls, I was excited. Mike and I finally finished a little decorating project in the upstairs area, cleaned it well, changed the sheets, and prayed the weekend would be enjoyable for everyone involved.

I had butterflies when we went to meet the girls. I hoped they weren’t all divas that thought more of themselves than they should. Turns out I didn’t have one thing to worry about. The 10 young ladies and their counselor were absolutely adorable. They couldn’t have been more well-behaved, and when I had a chance to talk to them individually I learned that I knew not only most of their parents, but also most of their grandparents!

That put me as well as the girls at ease and the weekend progressed nicely. Missy loved all the extra attention and soon became the unofficial mascot. Mike and I attended the first youth worship service on Friday evening. The room was totally packed with kids and youth workers. We actually felt right at home because we like the same music the kids listen to.

We woke up Saturday morning with a surprise in our yard. The boys from one of the other homes had paid us a visit in the night, leaving toilet paper hanging from the trees and shrubs. This had happened on more than one occasion when my children were young, but these kids added a couple of new things. They stuck plastic forks into the front lawn and wrapped the fountain in plastic wrap.

The girls looked rather sheepish and apologized about the yard. I think they were relieved when I smiled and told them I thought it looked pretty good for amateurs, but they could have used a few more rolls! Wow, the memories this weekend brought back! Not so very long ago this sort of thing was almost a regular occurrence at out house.

Not only was it a fun weekend, but also the group bonded and shared the joys and struggles of trying to live a different life because of their faith. I felt a little sad to see them go, but we are already thinking ahead to next year. I wonder if we will make it into the Guinness Book of World Records one day for oldest youth workers?

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