Let’s celebrate veterans all year-round

Published 3:37 pm Saturday, November 11, 2017

Because the subject matter is so important to our national security, we at The Daily News would ask you to continue celebrating veterans, old and new, on this Veterans Day weekend.

Many of them were young, and they had just started out in their lives, and many of them died in the service of our country. Most of them endured what we at home, who they fought to keep safe and secure, could never comprehend.

And what do we give someone who risked their lives and more for us? One day of remembrance a year? We, who realize that war should be a thing of our past, choose not to contemplate what goes on in the heat of battle. But they had to experience just that, and to survive it as intact as they were able, and with as much grace as possible.

The Daily News asks you all to honor the veterans in your lives, and in your communities. Ask tell you about their experience, but don’t push them. In fact, we, who have no experiences of our own to relate, are quite sure that “War is hell.”

And we appreciate all of those who boldly entered hell in our behalf.