Love your neighbor

Published 4:56 am Friday, November 3, 2017

I sense that the universe hums peacefully for us all, and that we can all tap in to hearing the hum when we have the need to be comforted. To me the hum sounds like “Aummm.” But to many others it sounds like “Ommm.”

Have you ever heard it? You can!

It really doesn’t matter what you think it sounds like, because it’s there to ground and comfort all of us all of the time. It’s there to remind us that we are all made of the same energy and spirit, to remind us that we are one, and we are love.

That’s a powerful reminder. I believe that it’s important to remember that we are one in love. How could anyone do harm to another if he or she remembered we are all one being? How could anyone do anything but love, love, love?

It’s more than believing all beings are of one family. It’s actually loving your neighbor as yourself. Exactly as yourself, because we all are one entity.

When we can all remember that, our lives will not be able to help taking a turn to the positive. We will naturally watch out for each other, and help one another.

And I really do appreciate that there is now a sudden spurt of those who seem to be trying to help others to remain strong and positive, to help them notice that they are loved.

Do you get such emails, too? I know you are able. I am flooded with them, and every day, one or a few of them help me out. I have taken great comfort in my email acquaintances. Of course, I have responded to their various emails in the past, likely on more than one occasion.

I know that love is the essence of our oneness, that God, or whatever name you have for the energy of the multiverse, is Love. What else could it be? Love is the most all-consuming emotion there is. Hate might seem to be powerful, but because love is pure good and hate is not, love wins. It wins because it’s positive. The good will prevail because life has to protect the better spirit to survive.

So tap into the hum whenever you feel the need. It’s always there for your comfort and for your remembrance. And remember that you are love, and you are loved.