‘Mystery Person’ clues announced

Published 4:17 am Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Washington Parish Fair Ward VII director and Mystery Person Chairperson Pam Miley is disclosing Wednesday and Thursday’s clues for this year’s Mystery Person contest. The winner who can guess the Mystery Person’s identity will win a $200 cash prize. The identity will be revealed on Saturday night of the fair.

The cost to cast a guess for the 2017 Mystery Person doesn’t cost anything. The guessing table is located in front of the Education Building. There will be a box with the guessing slips located on the table along with the box to place your prediction. The drawing for the cash prize will be Saturday night of the 2017 Washington Parish Fair. Make sure you cast your guess before the box is picked up on Saturday evening prior to the unveiling of the 2017 Mystery Person.

Each day’s clues will be placed close to the guessing box, with the first set to be posted on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s Clues

Our 2017 Mystery Person is a keeper.

He stands up for the upright, but is seldom able to speak for them.

Consistent with statistics, and at times alarmed by a beeper.

He demonstrates audacity.

Bold, brave, daring, and courageous,

His hiring too, is of this capacity.

Sinners as some may call,

At times from his uncle’s decree,

Are kept in his halls.

Metaphoric of his costume,

Protection and future prosperity is his entire concentration.

I know by now you are wondering whom?

Like the meaning of his name,

His profession is complicated with many layers.

However, the pride in both are the same.

Credentials he does hold,

Like his mama and sweetheart,

From an Alma Mater of green and gold,

From the bottom to the top, and all in between,

He understands how to separate, mediate, and commemorate,

From these three, success is definitely seen.

This day’s clues inform us about his pertinent profession.

Make sure you cast your guess,

With your confession.


Thursday’s Clues

Mystery Person 2017 is by far short of any knowledge,

Nor is he seeking a heart,

Like the tin man in The Wizard of Oz.

Born to our west,

In the largest city of that parish,

But his parents did not rest.

Down south they did drive,

By the banks of a big river,

But somewhere else they would again arrive.

By now, he had two to call brother,

The family at the farm was calling,

So Mom and Dad gathered with the others.

Jobs they took,

But the wages were well earned,

He soon too would be on the hook.

Memories of this place are many,

The dances he recalls,

Are ever so plenty.

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch,

The Farm Band played the most,

Recalling where this is, do you have a hunch?

His dad was one, and so was he.

Their blazing rides and flashing red lights,

He would order you to flee.

This day’s clues tell of his early years,

So go cast your guess,

But remember nothing is as it appears.