Power outage hits city

Published 4:59 am Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Potential shoppers at Walmart in Bogalusa on Monday afternoon found the store closed and awaiting the air conditioner repairman, after the electrical power went down earlier. An employee stationed at the door, who was admitting customers who had come to pick up filled prescriptions, said the management was concerned about the meat and produce it offered to customers.

Eunice Harris, an Entergy spokeswoman, explained the matter in the midst of the event.

“There was a broken cross arm at the corner of Highways 10 and 21,” she said Monday afternoon. “Also, one phase of wire was down. Crews are on the scene. All customers should be restored by 3 p.m.”

A later visit to Walmart showed that flaps were positioned over the meat and produce items, to discourage shopping until the store had a chance to check them out.