Vote was ‘silent majority’

Published 5:58 am Friday, January 20, 2017

In the recent presidential election, the Constitution of the United States again prevailed. After eight years of President Obama’s pledged vow to “transform” that historic document to his ideology of the way things should be, the American electorate rejected that path under his rule. Hilliary Clinton had to suffer the wrath of the voters as she campaigned on the vow to continue the Obama agenda. Then-First Lady, Michelle Obama, was recently quoted saying that “now the country will feel what hopelessness is like.”

She is exactly right! Except that the American people had already seen that hopelessness, under her husband, and elected to try something else. Somehow, she must have missed the fact that the Constitution of this country allows for change. It is the right of the American people, and they clearly executed that right.

Donald Trump offered an alternative and the people took the gamble. He ran as a Republican, and won because all of his party opponents were afraid to call a “spade a spade.” They were all locked into political correctness, even though it is so evident that rest of the country is just tired of that political “okey-doke.” The irony now is that we are faced with a situation where it is Donald Trump and the American electorate against the Democrat and Republican parties. The political power structure in Washington, D.C. — no matter the party — is still resisting the will of the people. Talk about the ultimate “good ol’ boys, and girls” network!

Much to my surprise, Washington Parish voters were overwhelming in favor of Donald Trump. That certainly was not the result of local Republicans trumpeting Trump. A Trump yard sign was a rare thing to see, as compared to 2012 when it appeared that Mitt Romney was a sure winner. I don’t know the percentage of the local black vote that went for Trump. But, nationally it was well north of 10 percent. That was a major breakthrough! Do I sense a kind of Reagan Democrat effect here? The silent majority may have finally awakened.

Roosevelt Ludd