Dillon is mayor of Franklinton

Published 8:24 am Wednesday, November 9, 2016

From staff reports

Richard Dillon defeated Greg Route in the Franklinton mayor’s race.

Dillon earned 50.77 percent of the votes and 726 total votes — only 22 votes more than Route. Both men ran as Democrats.

The new mayor will replace incumbent Mayor Wayne Fleming.

The Franklinton aldermen’s race was crowded with 10 candidates and voters elected their top five. In order of most popular, voters picked T.J. Butler Jr., Patrice Crain, John L. Daniel, Heath Spears and Douglas E. Brown. Brown represented no party and Spears ran as a Republican. The others ran as Democrats.

Butler drew 685 votes, Crain got 664, Daniel earned 624, Spears got 616 and Brown got 549.

Incumbent mayor Wayne Fleming did not run for re-election.