BPD: Man allegedly held child, grandma hostage with knife

Published 10:25 am Monday, May 16, 2016

A man was arrested Sunday in Bogalusa, after he allegedly held his grandmother and a 4-year-old child hostage with a pocketknife.

Antwone James Jefferson, 33, of Angie, was arrested after his grandmother called 911 and reported she was being held against her will in her home.

Bogalusa Police Chief Joe Culpepper said the victim, who was not named, made eight calls to 911, but hung up before dispatch could trace the calls. Those calls began at 6:55 p.m. Sunday.

Eventually the victim was able to stay on the line long enough to report what was happening and give her address. By 7:07 p.m., the police arrived at the home.

“When they got there, nobody would answer the door,” Culpepper said. However, he noted that police entered the home “because if there’s a disturbance you got to make contact with somebody.”

Culpepper said that after police called out “two or three times,” eventually a black man came out of a bedroom.

“He was nervous and he didn’t want to talk to the police,” Culpepper said. “They finally got him to go outside where another officer was waiting and they cuffed him, because there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest from the court.”

Inside the home, police found the grandmother and the child. They also found that a phone line had been cut.

“The grandmother said he needed help,” said Culpepper, adding that he wasn’t sure what sort of help that might be.

“There’s no indication if it was drugs or if it’s that he’s nuts.”

Culpepper added he also didn’t know how long Jefferson had been allegedly holding the two victims.

Jefferson was charged with false imprisonment — armed with a weapon, aggravated battery, battery of infirm and failure to appear in court.