Mayor urges citizens to stay put

Published 12:57 pm Friday, March 11, 2016

Despite torrential rain, flooded, impassable streets and numerous flooded homes, Bogalusa director of public works James Hall said on Friday he had no reports of any major injuries.

“No injuries,” he said. “But I have had a couple of hundred houses with the water going through them.”

Bogalusa Mayor Wendy Perrette said that as of noon on Friday, the city had received 14 inches of rain since the evening prior. Due to the flooding, 40 people have been rescued from their homes and there is a Red Cross station set up at the Methodist church at 510 Ave. B.

Perrette advised all residents to stay indoors if possible.

“Stay indoors,” she said. “Don’t go venturing out. You’re pushing water into people’s homes that wouldn’t necessarily be in there homes. We have people out taking pictures like it’s Christmastime. This is not the time to be out and about.”

In addition, she said emergency personnel rescued a driver who drive their vehicle into deep water.

“Stay inside, stay safe and check on your neighbors,” she said.

Perrette said the National Guard has been activated and will be arriving soon in Bogalusa to help with the situation.

The mayor added that she had not seen flooding this bad in her entire life, including during Hurricane Katrina.

Besides residences, the water got into the Camellia substation and Entergy sent out a warning that power in Bogalusa would be cut temporarily in areas of town.

Hall said he also had reports of some roads being washed out near Cassidy Park.