Classes in rest of Washington resume

Published 9:01 am Monday, August 10, 2015

Two of the newest Washington Parish principals said Friday’s first day of school for the 2015-16 academic year went well.

Washington Parish students reported on Friday, a day after Annunciation Catholic School and Bogalusa City Schools.

First-year Mount Hermon Principal Jeremy Gueldner and Varnado High School Principal Jennifer Beninato said Friday was smooth. Gueldner welcomed approximately 500 students on Friday.

“Everything went great today. Everything went better than we could have hoped,” Gueldner said. “We had great parent turnout at our assembly this morning.”

Gueldner spent the last 12 years at Franklinton High School, including the final six as assistant principal. He said the start of a new year was infectious for everyone.

“The students were excited to be here. You could tell the teachers were excited to get back to work,” Gueldner said.

Beninato was hired as Varnado principal in April. She was previously assistant principal at Bogalusa High School.

Beninato said 328 students reported Friday for the first day.

“We had a wonderful first day. Students seemed to be excited about coming back to school,” Beninato said. “Teachers were excited, and they were just welcoming to the kids. Everyone seemed to have school pride today.”

Beninato said the school’s theme for the year is “Making Paw Prints on the World.”

“Students and staff all committed today to make Varnado High School a better place and make Varnado a place where everybody would want to go to school,” Beninato said.