Reader says city government lacks transparency

Published 8:46 am Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dear Editor:

In the 1940s the Louisiana Public Records Act was passed allowing anyone to request public records. The custodian of the records must respond to requests within three days. This law makes it possible to determine if the specific government is being transparent or honest.
When buying a bag of grapes at the grocery you can see through the clear, transparent bag. You see if the grapes are plump and fresh looking. You know what you are buying.
When you read in an official transcript that the City of Bogalusa saved $70,000 because 10 employees decided to decline the health benefits offered by the city, and you request public records that show no employees have declined health benefits, then you know that the city government is not transparent. When this happens time after time you know the problem is serious.
The city is faithful with observing the public records law. This does not mean the city is transparent. It means the city follows the required law, which allows the citizens to determine if they are being told the truth.
At the present time city government is definitely not transparent.

– Lorraine Bourn