Woman’s trials eventually lead to stronger faith

Published 2:55 pm Monday, May 25, 2015

Some people inspire us to walk the road less traveled. Many times these men and women have been tried in the fire of adversity and come out on the other side stronger and better than before. Veva Haas is one of these people.

Veva and her husband Ed enjoyed a happy life in Alaska. They planned to retire and travel to parts unknown. Their life’s plan had been carefully thought out. But sometimes the best laid plans fail to pan out and the road takes a detour.

The Haas’ life took a hard left turn, leaving Veva perplexed and angry. Ed’s behavior changed slowly at first, but soon it was apparent that something was happening to her thoughtful and mild-mannered husband.

As fate would have it, Veva’s dear Ed developed dementia. Over time her high school teacher husband would forget how to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. As if that weren’t enough, his usually calm sweet persona changed into one charged with anger and frustration. Sadly, in Ed’s deteriorating state the final year of his life, he became combative toward the love of his life.

When Veva could not handle Ed’s care physically or emotionally anymore she left Alaska and headed south to be near her brother. Thankful for her brother Augie’s love and support she moved into a trailer on her brother’s property. Even with Augie’s help Veva just couldn’t handle Ed’s care anymore. The day came all too soon when there was no other choice than to place Ed in a care facility for his own good and for Veva’s.

Shortly after the move Ed passed away. Initially, it was a relief to know that her dear husband was once again of sound body and mind since the Haas’s knew the great Physician and believed there was no sickness in heaven.

Before long the burden and distress Veva had stood up under took its toll. All the changes in life became almost too much to bear, but Veva knew where to turn.

By the grace of God and through the national Christian group called Griefshare she has learned to move forward and forgive. Although she knew that Ed wasn’t really himself the last few years, she had let resentment fester in her heart. This poisoned her outlook for the future and hurt her almost as much as losing Ed.

Veva said, “With forgiveness now in my heart, I’m looking forward to my future. I know I can do all things through Christ, and I get my strength from walking with Him day by day.”