More changes in store at high school

Published 9:04 am Monday, January 26, 2015

After the two finalists for the Bogalusa High School football coaching search had completed their remarks at the school library Thursday night, first-year principal Eric Greely announced some sweeping academic and athletic initiatives for the future.

Approximately 100 Lumberjack football fans braved rainy and chilly conditions to hear David Roberts and Percy Williams answer questions as to why they should be the next head coach at the school. But it was Greely’s announcement that revealed the school’s commitment to turning things around both academically and athletically.

“We will get the pride back in the Bogalusa City Schools,” Greely said. “Our kids are very bright and many will be attending colleges. But it seems our community doesn’t realize how talented our students and teachers are. As teachers and leaders of our school system, we will inspire our students and find the genius in each young scholar.”

On the academic side, the school is reintroducing its theater program. He said BHS is also adding competitive choir, as well as speech and debate teams.

“The J.L. Bickham Auditorium is a beautiful facility,” Greely said. “We will offer performances to the community. This is to introduce kids to new opportunities that will be available to them after their high school careers.”

Greely said theater and debate are meant to help students grow mentally.

“Those programs will also help kids learn how to work through rigor and have success competing against their peers,” Greely said. “Students will also understand that if they can persevere, they can accomplish any goal to which they aspire. The programs will teach kids critical thinking skills and how to communicate effectively.”

Greely then turned to athletics. He said his goal is to mesh successes of the past with the future.

“We are in the process of showcasing the many district and state titles in our basketball gymnasium,” Greely said. “We want our distinguished alumni to attend games and show their children the history and pride of Bogalusa High School. We have updated our football locker rooms in the Buck Jordan Fieldhouse and are making improvements to the Gary Dildy baseball field.”

Greely said the girls’ volleyball program will return next year along with introduction of a soccer program. He added that the cheerleading squad will compete on a statewide level next year.