The journey of life

Published 9:33 am Friday, January 23, 2015

Some of us are deeply rooted in the communities where we grew up, went to high school and later worked for years. Those are the bonds that tie individuals to those communities and cities.

Other folks seem to be like roving gypsies as they move from one city to another because of employment, educational or various other opportunities that are unavailable where they live.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in the latter category.

After growing up in McComb, Miss., I went off to college for a few years, but that is not exactly the same as moving away permanently by going to work in another town. I eventually returned to McComb after college and was employed at the local newspaper for more than 20 years, 18 of those as the sports editor.

In April 2006, I got the itch to try something different. Gail and I moved to Tampa, Fla., where the original plan was to establish a high school sports newspaper and website. I was going to continue writing about professional boxing for another website as a sideline.

Plans changed. After we arrived, I figured since boxing in the state was so plentiful, I could probably scrape out a living by writing about professional and amateur boxing on a full-time basis. It was fun while it lasted. We had a lot of interference from other boxing websites and never could establish enough advertising to really make a go of the enterprise. We were about as disappointed and frustrated as anybody could be.

We’re both die-hard Ole Miss people, so we moved to Oxford in January 2008. It was nice to be able to go to a game on campus and then drive the three miles or so home after it was all over.

Around the summer of 2009, my sister called from Charlotte, N.C., saying she was extremely ill and asked if we could move there and help her out. She recuperated quickly.

After Charlotte, there were stops in Vicksburg, Miss., and Laurel, Miss., where I was the sports editor at the old Laurel Leader-Call newspaper until late in 2011. My hometown newspaper called me while I was in Laurel with an opening on the news side. I jumped at the chance to return to McComb.

Boredom again overtook me. Opportunities are what you make of them. The Bogalusa Daily News offered me the chance to rekindle my fire.

Moving into a new house in another part of town is something new, but we just completed that transition this week. Moving is still moving, no matter if it’s across the country or just up the street. Moving furniture is still back breaking. And it’s not too much fun, either.

It’s always good to have plenty of help. I just want to thank Teddy Drummond for helping us during our move. We owe him a big debt of gratitude. We couldn’t have done it without him. His interesting stories didn’t make moving seem so painful.

On a side note, in a recent column, I talked about problems with a neighborhood cat attacking ours. Since that writing, I’ve learned the cat was itself a stray an elderly neighbor was feeding. The neighbor has since moved into a retirement center. She said she had asked neighbors to try and take care of the creature once she moved. She also gave us some money to buy a bag of food and asked to let her know when that ran out.

I have no itch to move anywhere else anytime soon. I feel like I’m done in more ways than one.

Randy Hammons is a news reporter for the Daily News. He can be reached at