Thanksgiving thoughts

Published 8:58 am Wednesday, November 26, 2014

As we enter this special time of year when we corporately and individually thank our heavenly Father for all the blessings we enjoy, I pray that we all take time to bless another who may benefit from a kind word or deed. The possibilities are endless and only take a little effort and a giving heart.

The nursing homes are full of folks who would love to have a visit whether we are acquainted with them or not. Many people may not need material things; they may desire our time and a listening ear. They may want someone to laugh at their joke or listen to their story.

Some of us have loved ones from whom we are estranged because of some unforgiven hurt or misunderstanding. Why not finally let it go and forgive?

What about that crabby old neighbor who always complains about everything? Perhaps if we looked below the surface we might find a once vibrant man or woman who is afraid of growing old alone?

The lazy and gruff fellow you know who should just get off his duff and find a job may have looked for years and given up in despair. Maybe he battles an unseen debilitating illness that prevents him from performing the necessary duties for employment. It is so easy to pass judgment on others when we have no idea of their true circumstance.

Who knows why people find themselves in need of help? Even if it is because of their own poor choices how many of us have nothing we wish we could do over? We would all be perfect if we could just push the rewind button.

Food pantries and soup kitchens give us wonderful opportunities to lend a helping hand. As the ideas flow I am reminded that good intentions don’t count for much if we fail to follow through with action. How much good could be accomplished if we would all carry out at least one act of kindness to benefit a person in need.

When the turkey’s

on the table

And we bow

our heads to pray

We thank God

for all our blessings

On this

Thanksgiving Day

As we join

our hands together

Some will shed

a silent tear

For the empty chair

at the table

Of someone

they hold dear

Into each life

comes sorrow

And many times

of joy

Let us make

this day more special

For some

little girl or boy

May our hearts

be lighter

When we lay

our heads to rest

With the knowledge

we did something

To help another

to be blessed

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