Festival organizers thank area for sharing spirit

Published 10:03 am Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dear Editor:

The Bogalusa Blues and Heritage Festival wants to thank the people of the city and surrounding area for helping welcome the thousands of people who came from across the region, country and around the world to Cassidy Park last weekend.

One of our basic major goals has been to create a positive image of Bogalusa so that the word itself prompts positive, attractive feelings of healthy family fun in a beautiful environment filled with friendly, loving, creatively productive people. We want to show the world who we truly are, and the world has taken notice.

Members of the media and visitors of all ages broadly praise the event for its exceptional music, food, art, venue and educational activities. But one after another have expressed absolute awe about one thing in particular, and that is the undeniable and inescapable loving and all-inclusive community spirit of the BBHF.

That is not typical of a music festival. They are astonished to the point of gushing about the warm embrace and eagerly and joyously plan to come back for more.

We thank you for sharing the communal love that is the spirit of Bogalusa. Through that sharing it grows, and Bogalusa shines.

– Marcelle Hanemann

BBHF Committee