Free AARP webinar set for April 22

Published 2:19 am Sunday, April 13, 2014

“The Secrets to Writing a Good Business Plan” will be divulged in a free webinar hosted by AARP on Tuesday, April 22 at 1 p.m. Anyone who is considering developing a small business plan will have the opportunity to find out the elements to include, such as sources of financing and marketing ideas, as well as learn why it is important to have a plan for a small business.

The one-hour webinar features experts from the Small Business Adminsitration to help people people over 50 get their small business up and running.

This webinar will include:

• Why having a business plan is important.

• Basic elements of a business plan.

• Financial and marketing aspects of a small business plan.

• Basic elements of a business plan.

• Guidance on how to find local counseling resources to help develop your plan.

• How to amend a plan as your business changes.

To participate, go on the website, and scroll down the list of upcoming webinars to “The Secrets to Writing a Good Business Plan,” then click on Register now.

Send any questions to before the event to help guide the focus of discussion. Questions will also be taken live during the webinar.