Keep warm, but safe: Cool weather fires prompt advice

Published 7:49 am Friday, November 16, 2012

The causes of two residence fires that took place in Bogalusa this week are under investigation, but the timing prompted a reminder to the general


As cool weather sets in and more and more people are cranking up their heaters, they need to make sure those heaters are safe and that their smoke alarms are functioning properly.

Bogalusa Fire Chief Richard Moody said the incidence of fires actually “seems to be down a little bit from last year.” But they’re not down to zero.

He urges everybody to take preventive measures.

“I want to remind people that their heaters have been sitting all year,” Moody said. “When they first turn them on they’ll smell dust burning off. They need to get the dust off and clean the heaters before they turn them


After that, if a heater or furnace smells or sounds “bad,” they should call in a professional to check it out and make any necessary repairs, he said.

The chief said that Bogalusa still has a lot of old heaters. Many of the homes are also made of wood, which increases the danger if a malfunction leads to a fire.

“And more and more people are burning candles,” Moody said.

“They need to remember to keep everything at a safe distance.” Everybody also needs smoke detectors, and they need to check the batteries regularly and change them when necessary, he said.