Homeowners to expect reductions in fire insurance premiums

Published 7:51 am Friday, August 17, 2012

Washington Parish homeowners in Fire District 2, which is in the Richardson area, can expect significant rate reductions in their fire insurance premiums, according to Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon.

Donelon, who said the rates will go into effect Sept. 10, praised the efforts of Fire District 2 officials for the improvement of their fire protection grading from Class 6 to Class 5. Those improvements made in the district are responsible for the reduction in rate reductions, Donelon said.

“Your efforts to make your property safer have brought about the lowering of your fire protection grading, which results in lower insurance rates on your homes and other property,” Donelon said.

He said that currently fire insurance premiums for a home in Fire District 2 valued at $150,000 are about $1,752 a year. The annual savings because of the improved rating will be about $83 on that same house, he said.

“The amount of the premium rate reduction will vary, depending on the value of the property, the fire district where the property is located and the rate scheduled of the company insuring the property,” Donelon said.

Fire protection grading is promulgated by the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana and approved by the Louisiana Insurance Commissioner. All fire districts are graded on a scale of 1 to 10 by the PIAL, with 1 being the best.

PIAL conducts surveys of a fire district’s fire protection services before issuing a grading. Factors that affect an area’s grading include the number and type of training of firefighters, the number of fire stations and fire trucks and the availability of water.